Certificates of Attendance

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DateProgram NameCertificate
May 2016-May 2017CAG Expert Seminar Series - Mild-Moderate Crohn's Disease Patient's Approach View/Download
April 2016-April 2017CAG Expert Seminar Series - Microbiome Based Treatment Strategies for IBS View/Download
November 2016-November 2017CAG Expert Seminar Series - Integrating Scientific Evidence & Practical Approach in Management of IBS View/Download
2017-2018PBC Identifying the advances and defining best practices View/Download
2017-2018IBD Update: ECCO 2017 slides View/Download
2017-2020SEEMLI - Standardizing the Endoscopic Evaluations of Mucosal Lesions in IBD View/Download
2017-2018Look Beyond Your Specialty: All about EIMs and EAMs View/Download
2016-2020GRAPPA – Gastroenterology Reflections: A Physician’s Practice Assessment View/Download
2016-2017DELIVER – Develop Learning Programs to Eradicate HCV Faster View/Download
2016-2019IBD Talks and IBD Points View/Download
2015-2017Clinical Nutrition Program View/Download
2014-2016Niice - Nurses Initiative in IBD Care and Education in Canada View/Download
2014-2016Niice Overview Module View/Download
2015-2016Managing IBS with Diarrhea: Do Bile Acids Play a Role? View/Download
2015-2016Putting the CAG Ulcerative Colitis Guidelines into Practice: Managing Patients with Mild-to-Moderate UC View/Download
2013-2014DEMYSTIFYING CHRONIC CONSTIPATION: Individualizing Therapy Based on a Mechanistic-Based Approach View/Download
2014-2015Reducing the Burden of Abdominal Pain: New Directions in Managing Constipation View/Download
2012-2013CAG Expert Seminar Series: Treatment of UC; from 5-ASA to fecal transplants: evidence from American College of Gastroenterology (ACG) View/Download
2012-2013IBD Ahead: Optimized Monitoring View/Download
2012Twenty-fifth International Course on Therapeutic Endoscopy View/Download

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