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Research Information

Please attach a summary (maximum of one page) of your research or related experience including references/publications you have authored/co-authored here. File must be in .pdf format.

Supervisor(s) Details/Location of Training

Primary Supervisor

Secondary Supervisor (if applicable)

Research Proposal

The research proposal is provided by the supervisor(s) and is a summary (maximum 2 pages) of the current state of knowledge related to this project. Identify the particular objectives of this proposal and briefly outline the experimental methods to be used. Highlight the research activities to be undertaken by the applicant. Indicate how this award will benefit (a) the applicant and (b) your research program. File must be in .pdf format.

Research Funding Activities

The research funding summary is provided by the supervisor(s) and includes the following:

  • Title of the research project
  • Funding amount
  • Whether the funding is "Applied for" or "Received"
  • The source of funding
  • The start date (mm/yy) and end date (mm/yy)

If no funding list is available, please upload a summary of your research activities as well as a list of the resources available to this student for the completition of his/her project.

File must be in .pdf format.

Experience of the Proposed Supervisor

Upload below a completed list, including post doctoral fellows, that you have supervised (and are currently supervising) within the last five (5) years.

Provide the following information for each trainee:

  • Trainee's name
  • Type of trainee
  • Period for which trainee was supervised
  • Trainee degree, year, institution
  • Research project title
  • Current position of the trainee

File must be in .pdf format.

Publications of the Proposed Supervisor

Prepare a report of the supervisor's publications within the last five years separated into the following categories:

1. Refereed papers, published or in press

2. Book chapters, published or in press

3. Abstracts and presentations, published or in press

File must be in .pdf format.

Justification of the Training Environment

Note: Maximum one page. File must be in .pdf format.

Letter(s) of Support

Letters of support are optional; you may include up to three. Note: All letters must be compiled into one .pdf file. You cannot upload more than one file. Every page must be must be initialed and dated by your supervisor.

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