Scholars' Program

The 2021 virtual Scholars’ Program will be held on March 1, 2021 and provides an opportunity for exceptional Internal medicine and paediatric residents (PGY1/PGY2), and medical students in the final 2 years of their program (3rd/4th year in a 4-year program, 2nd/3rd year in a 2-year program) to explore a career in gastroenterology. The one-day program runs just prior to CDDW™ and will accept 30 candidates in total – including both adult and paediatric.

Eligibility Criteria

Eligible candidates will:

  • be a CAG Trainee Member at time of application or have applied by November 20. 
  • be medical students in the final two years of their program, or internal medical or pediatric residents in the first or second year (PGY 1 or PGY 2) of their program
  • have not previously participated in the Scholars’ Program
  • be considered likely to select a career in gastroenterology
  • be identified as completing a clinical or research rotation with an outstanding evaluation, supported by a signed letter of recommendation from either the RCPSC Program Director for Gastroenterology or university Divisional Director for Gastroenterology that includes an agreement that the nominee will be protected from call the day before the program through the day after the program. This is submitted in addition to the candidate’s CV.
  • have their nomination form submitted by the RCPSC Program Director for Gastroenterology


Procedure for Scholars' Program

Step One: Nomination - Deadline is November 15, 2020 11:59 ET

The CAG will send out a communication to all Adult/Pediatric Gastroenterology Program Directors & Divisional Directors, as well as Deans of Medicine, as a call for nominations to be submitted for the Scholars' Program. It is important to note that candidates are nominated and not registered for this program. There are many candidates submitted for consideration to this program, and as such there is a process which involves a competition.

  • The Adult GI Program Director may submit a total of two adult candidates (PGY1/PGY2 residents and/or medical students in the final 2 years of their program) for consideration. The Program Director will rank these two adult candidates for the submission, based on strength. If there is no Adult GI training program at your center, the Internal Medicine Program Director is authorized to submit the candidate, presumably in consultation with the Adult GI Division at your center. Deans may provide any recommendations to the Program Director who will make the final decision.
  • The Pediatric Program Director may submit one pediatric candidate (PGY1/PGY2 resident or medical student in the final 2 years of their program). If there is no Pediatric GI training program at your center, the Pediatric Gastroenterology Division Head or General Pediatrics Program Director is authorized to submit the candidate.
  • Submission must be done online by the Adult Program Director and Pediatric Program Director as noted above. This includes uploading the nominees CV as well as a letter of recommendation signed by the Program Director which states that the nominee will be protected from call the day before through the day after the program. The institution is responsible for the attendance of the accepted participant to the full program, and could be held accountable for any incurred costs resulting from the participant dropping out.PLEASE NOTE THAT THIS LETTER OF RECOMMENDATION IS A VALUABLE COMPONENT IN THE COMPETITIVE REVIEW AND A STRONG, DESCRIPTIVE LETTER WILL GIVE THE CANDIDATE THEIR BEST CHANCE, IN CONJUNCTION WITH THEIR CV.

Submission Requirements

PLEASE NOTE that you must submit the online application form INCLUDING uploading of all required documents (in .pdf format and file names must not contain special characters), in one single step. You are not able to save your application and return to it at a future date, rather it must be completed all at one time.

Upon successful submission, you will be directed to a webpage that confirms the successful submission and within a short period of time you will receive an email from the CAG National Office confirming receipt of your submission. If this does not occur, please contact the CAG National Office immediately.


We strongly suggest using the latest versions of Firefox, Safari or Google Chrome. Some Internet Explorer users may not be able to view all content nor access all functionality.
PLEASE ENSURE ALL ATTACHMENT FILE NAMES DO NOT CONTAIN SPECIAL CHARACTERS. This includes but is not limited to ! * # ; ? / : " < > | ( ).
This form MUST be completed by Program Directors. No submissions will be accepted after the November 15, 2020 (11:59) deadline.

Step Two: Review Process

1. All candidates (adult and paediatric) will first be reviewed by the CAG Scholars' Program Co-Chairs to confirm eligibility.
2. The top ranked adult candidates will then be accepted from each institution, thus ensuring equal representation in the program. We rely on submitting Program Directors accurately ranking their candidates based on strength.
3. The pediatric candidates will then be accepted (one per institution), again ensuring equal representation in the program.
4. As the final step, the 2nd ranked adult candidates will be competitively assessed against all other 2nd ranked adult candidates to compete for the remaining spots in the program. In this competitive assessment, the program Co-Chairs will be taking into consideration: a) commitment to GI as a career choice (as evidenced by clinical rotations); b) commitment to research/advocacy/education related to GI as evidenced in the CV and supporting letter; c) likelihood to pursue training in GI as evidenced in the supporting letter.

Step Three: Approval

The CAG will contact all candidates for the program to provide either an invitation to attend or letter to decline. Please note that attendees are expected to attend the full program.