CAG Special Interest Groups (SIGs)

CAG Special Interest Groups (SIGs) exist to support professional development and deepening of networks in focused areas of gastroenterology practice and research. A SIG’s primary purpose is to act in the best interests of the Association, including being integral to the pursuit of the Association’s mission and objectives.

The role of a SIG is for the promotion and encouragement of the study, research and advancement of the science and practice of gastroenterology in Canada and fostering discussion, cooperation and debate among members of the Association.

SIGs are to support members in pursuit of special interests within the Association, to aid in forming and maintaining liaison among those with special interest, and to provide advice to the Association, as needed, on issues related to the SIG’s area of interest. A SIG will have no formal reporting structure to the CAG.

Please review the SIG Terms of Reference before you submit an application.

SIG Terms of Reference

You will be required to upload 1) your CV in PDF format, and 2) a one-two page proposal in PDF format.


We strongly suggest using the latest versions of Firefox, Safari or Google Chrome. Some Internet Explorer users may not be able to view all content nor access all functionality. PLEASE ENSURE ALL ATTACHMENT FILE NAMES DO NOT CONTAIN SPECIAL CHARACTERS. This includes but is not limited to ! * # ; ? / : " < > |.

PLEASE NOTE that you must submit the online form, in one single step; you are not able to save your form and return to it at a future date, rather it must be completed all at one time.

SIG Lead


SIG Proposal

 1-2 pages which provides an overview, rational/justification, and year one plan.

SIG Participant List

Please upload a .pdf file listing the 10 participants.

List the following:

  • Full Name
  • Institution
  • Email Address
  • CAG Member Category (regular, trainee or affiliate)

In submitting this application and upon approval, I agree to the CAG Special Interest Group Terms of Reference.

Please click on the "Submit" button to submit your application for the CAG Special Interest Groups (SIGs). Before submitting, please ensure you have filled out all of the mandatory fields and all attachments are correct.

Upon successful submission you will be directed to a webpage that confirms the successful submission and within a short period of time you will receive an email from the CAG National Office confirming receipt of your submission.  If this does not occur, please contact the CAG National Office.

NOTE: Upon submission do not close your browser or use the back button until the Thank you screen appears confirming your submission has gone through.