CAG Self-Assessment Programs (SAP)


Self-Assessment Programs are section 3 accredited continuing professional development programs that enable physicians to assess aspects of their knowledge or practice to identify opportunities to enhance their competence through further learning activities. Self-Assessment Programs are not tests but assessment strategies to assist physicians to develop an effective continuing professional development plan linked to their professional roles and responsibilities.


All Self-Assessment Programs must meet the following four criteria for approval within the RCPSC Maintenance of Certification program:


Criteria 1:


Self-assessment activities must be planned to address the identified needs of the target audience with a specific subject area, topic or problem.


Self-Assessment Programs (SAP) must be based on an assessment of need including but not limited to changes to the scientific evidence base, established variation in the management or application of knowledge or skills by physicians, variation in the quality of care or health care outcomes experienced by patients.


Criteria 2:


Self-assessment programs must describe the methods that enable participants to demonstrate or apply knowledge, skills, clinical judgment, or attitudes.


Self-assessment programs provide participants with a strategy to assess their knowledge, skills, clinical judgment, and attitudes in comparison to established evidence (scientific or tacit). All self-assessment programs must use methods that enable participants to demonstrate these abilities across the key areas of the subject area, topic, or problem(s).


Criteria 3:


The self-assessment program must provide detailed feedback to participants on their performance to enable the identification of any areas requiring improvement through the development of a future learning plan.


Providing specific feedback on which answers were correct and incorrect with references enables specialists to determine if there are important aspects of their knowledge, skills, clinical judgment, or attitudes that need to be addressed through engaging in further learning activities.


Criteria 4:


The content of self-assessment programs must be developed independently of the influence of any commercial or other conflicts of interest.