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In accordance with federal regulations effective January 1, 2004, the CAG is required to keep confidential all personal information provided by its members (unless authorized otherwise), and to disclose how this information will be used.

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To be considered for CAG membership, this application must be seconded by a Regular CAG member in good standing. By providing the name of my Nominating Supporter on this application, I allow my application to be viewed by them.


Please submit at least one of the following files:
for physicians, a copy of your license to practice, certificate, appointment letter
for trainees, a letter from your program director (for residents and fellows) or your supervisor (for basic science trainees).

PLEASE ENSURE ALL ATTACHMENT FILE NAMES DO NOT CONTAIN SPECIAL CHARACTERS. This includes but is not limited to ! * ' # ; ? / : " < > | ( ) .

Your file must be of zip, rar, doc, pdf, txt, xls type. Your file should not exceed 3 MBs.
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